Regardless of what platform you host on almost every guest will be looking to you to tell them what Tenerife has to offer.

A Personalized Tour Guide not only looks professional but creates a great first impression and identifies you as a host that really cares.

Impress your guests by presenting them upon arrival with a Personalized Tenerife Tour Guide that features the best of the island.

A physical brochure that allows guests time to select and book their chosen activities in the comfort of your apartment.

How is it Personalized?

The front cover is unique to your vacation home and immediately reinforces their choice to stay with you as a good one.

The digital version can generate excitement about staying at your place before they even arrive.

Together we will customize your front cover to include your signature photos, business cards, logos, or a combination to create a professional first impression.

The apartment’s name is given ownership of the guide, showing dedication as a host and keeping your apartment’s brand name memorable throughout their stay. Great for reviews and repeat business and amazing for social sharing.

the front cover looks great but what’s inside?

There are 35+ pages each displaying one of Tenerife’s most popular activities and its island location.

Just one of 35+ Tenerife attractions available to book directly answering all your guests’ questions, saving you time.

Each page displays two signature photos with a brief description of the tour or attraction and a unique multi-platform booking QR code.

The disclaimer at the bottom explains that the host has purchased this guide for the guests’ benefit and ease of use. Moving you one step closer to another 5* review.

Loving it so far, So how does it work?

The QR code on the chosen activity page can be tapped, clicked or scanned depending on if you are using the digital or physical version.

You choose to tap, click or scan.
(QR code tutorial included in the booklet.)

From there you will be taken to the most popular and reputable seller that covers this activity at the best price. Here times and dates can be selected and securely paid for.

Tickets are sent to your guests via e-mail. Guests simply show this ticket on their phone and walk in, no need to queue. Remember your guests pay exactly the same price as everyone else.

With the best days out all in one place, you’ll save your guests from trawling the internet or being hustled at the excursion shop.

digital or physical version?

The physical version is simply an (A4 sized) printed version of the digital. Each activity has its own PDF file so you only print the activities you want in your Personalized Tour Guide and display them in the order of your choosing.

The downloadable digital (PDF) version, can be sent to all future guests as an email or scheduled as a message from your hosting platform. It could even be featured or pinned on your Facebook page/group.

Which Is Best?

Ultimately both versions of your Personalized Tour guide achieve the same goal which is to make it super simple for your guests to plan their holiday, earning you lots of hosting review points.

The digital version is by far the most versatile as it can be sent, shared and linked to in so many ways, thus creating excitement before the holiday which reduces cancellations.

The physical version needs printing only once. It shows your guests that you are a committed host and willing to go above and beyond to make their time with you special. Leading to recommendations and repeat bookings.

Your own Personalized Tour Guide sat on your coffee table. “WOW look at this” is the guests’ usual first comment.


Some of my guests probably don’t know how to Scan a QR code.

You are probably right. So we have included a basic guide on how to download and use a QR reader.

What happens if an activity ceases?

The activities are all sent on individual files, so should one cease to exist you just delete the file and remove that page from the physical brochure.

Can new activities be added later on?

Free digital updates are available. If a new activity starts we can send it to you upon request as soon as it is ready.